Due to the increase of cars with Diamond Cut wheels this is the most popular design of wheel we repair. This finish is achieved by turning the wheels on a CNC lathe and cutting away aluminium from the wheel with a diamond tipped tool, the process leaves a shiny finish on the face or lip of the wheel that looks like the back of a CD. All diamond cut wheels are chemically stripped to remove the old coating and prepped. After the wheels are prepped they are put through a 3 to 4 stage coating process (depending on the finish), which involves the application of manufacture approved powder coats and paints to ensure a high quality durable repair.

After the initial coating process, the wheels are diamond turned and then degreased, pre heated and coated with an acrylic lacquer to replicate the factory finish.

If you are unsure if your wheels have a diamond cut finish, please contact us some pictures and we will be happy to advise you on the finish and cost to refurbish them.