1. The Service


All prices shown in our price guide, website, face to face and quoted by phone are starting from prices, they do not include any repair work i.e. welding, wheel straightening, etc.


Customers should appreciate that the time to complete the work for the wheels will depend on the condition of the wheels. Any unforeseen circumstances may result in a time delay. Customers will be contacted as soon as it is evident that the wheels will take longer to refurbish than the time given.

We will endeavour to complete the work within the time stipulated but cannot be held responsible for mechanical breakdown or power failure resulting in delays beyond their control.

Wheel Fitting

Any vehicle brought to Premier Wheel Repairs LTD; we will ensure that we refit the wheels securely using the appropriate tools. Customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the wheel nuts are tight immediately on collection and after a 25 mile bedding-in period and at regular intervals thereafter. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD takes no responsibility for the re-setting of on-board computers where the vehicle has been lifted from the ground. If you choose to ask us to change the refurbished wheel(s) for existing wheel(s) on your vehicle, then you are liable to pay a £10+vat jacking fee.

2. Limits to the Service/Additional Charges

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel refurbishment is just that, it is not a new wheel - occasionally "used" alloys will never look 100% perfect after its refurbishment. We ask all customers to appreciate the work done and the high quality finish that the wheels are at a small fraction of the price that a new wheel would be.

Premier Wheel Repairs LTD will always endeavour to refurbish the customer’s wheels to provide the best possible finish. After the wheels are inspected and stripped of its old coating, if found to be in a “very bad condition” (in some cases this may mean the wheels are unsuitable for refurbishment) the customer will be informed of any additional charge before work commences and also of any additional time this may incur. We reserve the right to terminate work on wheels that are excessively damaged or corroded.

'Very bad' condition is specified as:

 Badly corroded

 Deep damage

 Poor wheel casting

 Damage around the fixing holes - caused by previous improper stud removal

 Previous service or repairs

 Cracked/split/bent

 Gloss Finishes

Please be aware that certain high gloss finishes, such as ‘Power Silver’ or ‘Gloss Black’ etc, show blemishes more readily. We cannot guarantee a ‘perfect’ finish, but we do guarantee to improve the look of your wheels.

 Wheel Bolts

The Customer needs to be aware that if wheel bolts have to be replaced, the cost of these will be passed on to the Customer. In some split rims, the wheel bolts have to be drilled out due to corrosion and again there will be an additional cost for this service. The Customer will be informed before we carry out any such work.

 Wheel Valves

Premier Wheel Repairs LTD will re-fit new rubber valves with black caps on refurbished wheels supplied with tyres and this is included in the price. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD accepts no responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been re-fitted at the customer request. Special pressure sensing valves are delicate and are often subject to being damaged during the tyre removal / bead braking process. We are unable to take responsibility of the valves and suggest customers have them removed before hand. Please refer to the vehicles handbook when the wheel/s are back on the vehicle to re-calibrate them to the car's system.

 Welding & Straightening

All welding & straightening work is undertaken at the owners own risk. Whilst we will not do any repairs that we believe to be unsafe, the responsibility is ultimately that of the customer. Cracks and bends to the face of the wheel can be re un-repairable in certain circumstances. As much as we endeavour to repair every wheel, cracks on the spokes of the wheel are deemed un-safe to fix as its part of the supporting structure of the wheel and we will refuse to weld these particular cracks. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD do not offer any warranty on weld repairs. Please take into consideration that until our technicians have had time to strip and examine the wheel(s), we are unable to give a 100% accurate prognosis. Once they have, then you will receive a telephone call to advise you of any issues that Premier Wheel Repairs LTD have with continuing the work.

While every care is taken when straightening a wheel, a crack can often occur during the process. If this happens you will also be charged for a weld repair. If the wheel becomes beyond repair during the process it is not the responsibility of Premier Wheel Repairs LTD to replace the wheel.

 Damaged/Illegal Tyres

Premier Wheel Repairs LTD reserves the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres. Illegal / damaged tyres will only be refitted under the Customer’s express instructions, and the Customer must sign a disclaimer to this effect. We can supply and fit replacement tyres upon request.

 Late Collection of Vehicles

Vehicles not collected on the agreed collection date will be subject to a fee of £25.00 per night for vehicles left in our charge overnight. Loose wheels that are not collected within 14 working days will result in a storage fee of £10.00 per day from day 14 (day 1 being the day the wheels were refurbished or not refurbished and the customer notified of their availability). Wheels still not collected after 21days, if unpaid or paid for, will be sold to recoup costs incurred.

3. Your Responsibilities (Customer)


All vehicles must be fully covered by your personal insurance whilst left with Premier Wheel Repairs LTD.


Locking wheel nut keys and OEM toolkits must be provided. Any costs incurred due to these not being available will be charged to the Customer.

Confirmation of Work To Be Carried Out

It is the Customer's responsibility to check that their requirements are correctly stated on the Order Form and to bring any errors or amendments to our attention prior to work being booked in.

Checking of Wheel Nuts

Customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the wheel nuts are tight immediately on collection and after a 25 mile bedding-in period and at regular intervals thereafter.

Customer Courier

Customers should check with any courier used by them for the delivery/collection of wheels to Premier Wheel Repairs LTD that they are fully insured.

Split Rims

Split rims are undertaken entirely at your discretion and responsibility as to the suitability of the refurbishment process (all dismantling and reassembly of split rims is your responsibility). Please note that recommendations regarding suitability for refurbishment, dismantling and reassembly of split rims vary between manufacturers. It is your sole responsibility to check suitability with the manufacturer.

Collection of Refurbished Wheels

It is the Customer's sole responsibility to check the condition of refurbished wheels on collection.

Premier Wheels request that any complaints should be kindly submitted in writing by recorded delivery, within 72 hours of wheels being refurbished

You will be responsible for the vehicle once you have collected it from the Premier Wheel Repairs LTD premises.

Collection Times

Wheels/vehicles must be collected during our standard opening hours, unless an alternative time has been previously agreed between us.

4. Payment

Customer Accounts

Full payment will be required by the customer before the wheels are despatched or when the car is collected and shall be by cash, credit or debit card and cheques (made out to Premier Wheel Repairs LTD). 

Trade Accounts

Trade Accounts held with Premier Wheel Repairs LTD are based on a strict 30 day payment term. We reserve the right to charge interest at 2.5% on accounts not settled within the agreed terms. By operating a trade account you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and this can be closed at Premier Wheel Repairs LTD discretion without prior notice. Any goods provided remain the property of Premier Wheel Repairs LTD until they are fully paid for.

5. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD Warranty

Powder Coated Wheels

Powder coated wheels come with a 12 month warranty against any defective paint materials, subject to the damage not having occurred as a result of driver damage or the use of corrosive cleaners which will dull and damage lacquer over time. Excluded from this warranty are wheels that have been colour matched or those wheels that have been custom finished.

Diamond Cut Wheels

Given that lacquered bare machined alloy is not a strong or long lasting finish and coupled with our climate, the majority of wheel refurbishment companies will only offer a very limited or no warranty for this service. With this in mind, we offer what we believe is a fair compromise for our customers who wish to retain this finish, subject to the wheel being suitable to diamond cut again if possible. Certain wheels because of inherent faults are excluded from the warranty.

Defects occurring (subject to the damage not having occurred as a result of driver damage or the use of corrosive cleaners which will dull and damage lacquer over time):

Within 3 months;

a) Have the wheels diamond cut again at no charge but with no renewed warranty i.e. if they fail again they are out of warranty

b) Have the wheels powder coated with a fully renewed 12 month warranty as listed above

Two Piece Wheels

Are subject to the same general terms as listed above i.e. powder coated and diamond cut areas. No warranty is offered on the bolts themselves unless new bolts have been supplied by Premier Wheels.

Polished Wheels / Wheel Parts

No warranty is offered on any polished part as the duration of the finish is subject entirely on how well they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis and not suitable for everyday use. Polished parts are only recommended for show purposes.

Claims Made Under Warranty

Any claims made under the warranty will be settled by free reworking or (at the discretion of Premier Wheel Repairs LTD) a refund of the relevant part of the invoice (i.e. if one wheel is affected, then the price of one wheel would be refunded). The maximum refund would be limited to the original invoice value and Premier Wheel Repairs LTD shall not be held responsible for any consequential loss as a result of the repair. Customers must ensure that they keep their receipt as this will be required when making a claim. This does not affect the Customer's Statutory Rights.

Limitations to our Warranty

There is no warranty for any wheels that have not been subjected to normal road use ie off road driving, motor racing or damage caused by an accident.

They have been subjected to normal road conditions only, i.e. no off road driving or damage caused by an accident

6. Our Rights


There is nothing in these Terms and Conditions that excludes or limits Premier Wheel Repairs LTD liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence. However, Premier Wheel Repairs LTD shall not be liable for any direct loss or damage suffered by you, however caused, as a result of any negligence, breach of contract or otherwise in excess of the price paid for the service.


These terms of supply of services will be subject to English law and the English courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the agreement.

 Premier wheel Repairs LTD shall not be liable for any failure to carry out our obligations to the Customer where such failure is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control including but not limited to Act of God, War, Civil Disturbance, Fire, Flood, Lightning, Industrial Action, the act or omission of Third Parties for whom we are not responsible, including the Government and its agents.

Amendment to Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the Customer will be issued with and subject to the terms in force at the time of the booking.

Loss or Damage to Property

Premier Wheel Repairs LTD shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles, or damage or mechanical fault of any vehicle (other than obvious damage which was not recorded when the vehicle was checked in) such as flat battery, clutch slipping, etc, caused to your vehicle whilst in the care of Premier Wheel Repairs except for damage caused by our negligence. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your vehicle and in particular Premier Wheel Repairs LTD will not accept liability for any technical or structural damage to the wheels, where such damage occurs due to pre-existing faults and/or wear and tear unless the Premier Wheel Repairs LTD has been negligent in not realising that such damage may occur or in the way the work was carried out. For wheels with removable centre caps, unless you have booked in your actual car and are bringing in separate wheels, please expect one of our staff to give them back to you at time of booking in. We advise customers to remove the centre caps before bringing separate wheels in to us.

Car Storage/up-front fees

If you choose to leave your car with us, while we refurbish your wheels, there is a £40 non-refundable up-front fee, which will be taken at time of you booking the appointment. If for any reason you cannot bring your car in for the allotted appointment, arrangements will be made for next available time slot. Premier Wheel Repairs LTD requires 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Please note, this fee is to secure your booking only and is not to be used against final invoice. Premier wheel Repairs LTD shall not be liable for any damage to your vehicle beyond our reasonable control including but not limited to Act of God, War, Civil Disturbance, Fire, Flood, Lightning, Industrial Action, the act or omission of Third Parties for whom we are not responsible, including the Government and its agents whilst on our premises. Please note that we will not accept any vehicles to be stored with only one wheel to be refurbished, as we have a two-wheel minimum policy.  

Courier Services

As part of our service Premier Wheel Repairs LTD can arrange a courier for the collection and delivery of wheels from the customers requested address. Customers are responsible for securely packing the wheels and must ensure the wheels are ready for collection on the requested date and that someone is available to sign for the collection/delivery. The customer will be responsible for any additional costs if the collection/delivery cannot be made. Full payment for the courier will be made at the time of booking and full payment will be made for the refurbishment / delivery charge prior to the wheels being returned to the customer.

Once payment for collection has been made a conformation email will be sent along with a form for the customer to fill out for our reference. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the form is fully completed, failure to do so could result in the wheels not being refurbished. The courier is arranged via a third party and Premier Wheel Repairs LTD will not be responsible for any damage caused to the wheels during transit. For an additional charge insurance options are available to the customer at the time of booking.

Social Media

Please be aware that we may use images of your car and/or wheels on our social media pages and website. Any registration plates will be covered. If you wish for us not share these images then please make one of our Premier Wheel Repairs LTD representatives aware.